NUSA Council Elections


NUSA recently held an election to decide on the positions of Media Officer and Transport Convenor. This election was held at both Callaghan and New Space campuses. The vote count for this election is currently being conducted and the results will be posted here when the outcomes have been decided.



The nominees

View detailed policy statements from each candidate by clicking on their name. Click here for an abridged version of their policy statements as well as a list of each candidate’s experience.


Transport Convenor

Asher Jintoorkar - Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Mathematics

and Diploma of Languages

Luka Joseph-Harrison - Bachelor of Arts/Laws

Media Officer

Asher Jintoorkar - Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Mathematics

and Diploma of Languages

Kya Branch - Bachelor of Biomedical Science

and Diploma of Arts (UNE)

Tyler Bridges - Enrolled:

Bachelor of Business/Laws


Bachelor of Communication

(Public Relations & Journalism)


Position Descriptions

Media Officer/ OPUS Editor

As part of the NUSA Executive, the Media Officer role is a privileged position of trust, and members are required to allocate adequate time to meet their responsibilities.

The Media Officer’s minimum commitments are at least 10 hours in the office each week, attending the NUSA Council which meets 10 times per year for approximately 2 hours, the NUSA Executive meets at least once per month for 1 hour and the Opus Editorial Group meets at least once per month for approximately 1 hour.

The Media Officer shall:

-         produce at least eight (8) editions of OPUS at an acceptable standard

-         ensure that printed copies of OPUS magazines are widely and regularly distributed across UON campuses

-         ensure that all NUSA Council meetings are reported on

-         be responsible for the Media budget

-         conduct and facilitate various media interviews for OPUS and report on current affairs affecting the student body at UON

-         submit a written report on the activities and plans of OPUS and the Editorial Group to each meeting of NUSA Council.

This position receives remuneration of up to $26,301 per annum.

Transport Convenor

The Convenor of a Collective is a privileged position of trust, and members are required to allocate adequate time to meet their responsibilities.

Time facilitating activities within Collectives often range from 2 to 5 hours per week, NUSA Council meets 10 times per year for approximately 2 hours, and the Collective should meet at least once per month for approximately 1 hour.

The Transport Convenor shall:

-         be responsible for convening and Chairing the Transport Collective meetings

-         be responsible for NUSA and National Union of Student policy on student transport

-         liaise with transport committees of the University and Government Transport Authorities to obtain adequate public transport for students

-         submit an article for each edition of OPUS and submit a report of policy, activities and plans of the Collective at each meeting of the NUSA Council.

This position may receive an Honorarium of up to $100 per week.


Other By-Election Nominations are still open

If you would like to become a part of the NUSA council please see the bottom of this page for copies of the nomination form, process and position details

NUSA By Election nominations are currently open for the following vacancies:

Collective Convenors

Part-Time Students Convenor

women’s convenor

Specific Group Representatives

Student Residences Representative

Executive Positions

none vacant

Faculty Representatives

Education and Arts (2 positions)

engineering and built environment (3 positions)

Business and Law (1 position)

Note: All received nominations will remain open for 5 academic days from receipt of nomination. For all faculty representative positions, only students from each faculty may nominate, second and/or vote for the members of their faculty. You may not nominate, second and/ or vote for members of other faculties.

Applications must include; a completed Nomination Form (inclusive of 2 nominators); and an A4 Candidate Policy Statement – on why you will make the best candidate for the role you are applying for. Applications may also include of a photograph of yourself (10cm by 10cm maximum). All Applications must be returned to the Deputy Returning Officer in the NUSA Building.  

 Please note: Only eligible students as outlined in the NUSA Constitution can nominate. All nominees are expected to have read the Constitution.  

Key Election Documents

Position Descriptions


What is the NUSA Council?

The NUSA Council (NUSAC) is the governing body of Newcastle University Students' Association and serves two key purposes, one of governance and one of advocacy. Primarily, NUSAC drives the direction of NUSA as an organisation and oversees the Executive and management in delivering the strategic direction. In essence, NUSAC is similar to a board of directors of a not-for-profit company.

Additionally, as the peak representative body for students at UoN, the NUSA Council also serves as a forum for debate and policy discussion on student issues. The NUSA Council develops policy platforms in conjunction with its collectives on key issues to advocate on behalf of students at UoN. 

How do I nominate?

To nominate for a position on NUSA Council, you need to fill out a nomination form and complete a policy statement (outlining why fellow students should elect you etc). You will also need two fellow students to sign your form to both  nominate and second you. After this is done, hand your nomination form and policy statement in to a Deputy Returning Officer at the NUSA Building.

Where can I find out more about the election process?

The conduct for elections is outlined under Section 5 of the NUSA Constitution. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What will my time commitment be?

It depends on which role you are planning to nominate for. When positions are advertised, they will generally accompany a position description (listed above). Check those out for a better idea about what you will be expected to do.

I want to nominate but I am unable to hand in my nomination form before the close of elections.

 If you are experiencing exceptional circumstances that prevent you from travelling to the NUSA Building on Callaghan campus to submit your nomination in-person across the whole nomination period, please contact NUSA and the Returning Officer immediately.

No nominations will be accepted after 4:00pm on the closing date advertised, however at the Returning Officer's discretion, in exceptional circumstances an alternate option may be arranged for you to submit your completed nomination and receive an election slip prior to nominations closing.

This should be arranged with the Returning Officer well in advance of nominations closing. Requests made on the final day of nominations being open will generally not be accepted.

Annual General Elections for 2018 NUSA Council

The Outcome of Nominations and Notice of Election can be found here.

Results: Voting for contested positions in the General Elections closed at 3:00pm on Friday 13 October 2017. Following the conclusion of the vote count, the election results were declared by the Returning Officer. Detailed results are available here.